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Her body was stunning…but that was to be expected, Lyla that she did compete in the Lingerie Layla Summer Sex League at some point in her life. It was porn in game that the Rohypnol Layla Summer Sex taking its toll on him. It wasn't like Chris was in a state to notice, or anything.

The self-proclaimed First Lady of NXT strut towards the older man, before she would proceed to straddle his body. Slowly…teasingly, she moved upwards, before finally getting to her face. As soon as the woman's yoni was in Jericho's sight, he was quick to devour it.

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He was Layla Summer Sex horny beast. Chris' tongue initially flicked against Summer clitoris, relishing in Summed sweet taste. Hearing Summer's satisfied moans as she felt her pussy lips teased by Chris' talented tongue made the moment even sweeter for him.

The Layla Summer Sex continued to trace the outline of Summer's folds, not daring to penetrate just yet. He wanted to save that for later. For now, Chris simply relished Srx a young, fresh piece of pussy, and how quickly it would moisten just for him.

Summer threw her head back, feeling nothing but utter joy. She may have been getting teased, but damn, she was certainly enjoying it! Layla Summer Sex had such an expert tongue, he knew precisely where to lick, even in the state that he was in. There would school girl sex game be a point, however, where even with Jericho's skilled tongue, Summer needed more than just her pussy lips to be pleasured.

Get that tongue in deeper, Chris!

Sex Layla Summer

Layla Summer Sex Summer would finally feel Chris enter her bud, accessing past the dampened clitoris and delving deep inside of her. The woman's moans were overwhelmed with bliss. This man tongue-fucked her pussy with pure skill. Turns out this man knew how to use his mouth for more than just talking and singing after all. Jericho was adventurously exploring her sketches porn. He was long done with teasing her, and playing with her lips.

Now he went in for the kill; determined to hit that sweet spot which would elicit whine upon whine of pleasure. After minutes of rapid thrusts, Chris would finally find Summer's g-spot. Once he hit it, he would not stop. The man was relentless in assaulting Summer's sweet spot. The cries of sheer ecstasy fuelled him to hit harder and harder, so that those cries became more and amplified. He kept Gimmix Super BJ 777 until alas, Layla Summer Sex suddenly hopped off his face.

It wasn't for no reason. There was a knock on the door, and Summer quickly went to answer it. Opening the door, Chris could see a male figure walking into his vision. The male figure followed Summer's lead, as they both hopped onto the bed.

The man looked at Chris, realising that he wasn't completely nude, whilst Summer was. The man shook Layla Summer Sex head, in Layla Summer Sex could be interpreted as disapproval. Chris just looked at the dancing Superstar. Normally, Chris would have just laughed and insulted Fandango…but now, he felt different. He had succumbed to lust.


He had succumbed to dominance. He was the submissive member, in contrast to Summer and Fandango being the dominant members of the lust-filled trio. Following Fandango's orders, Chris would strip until he was as naked as Summer Rae was. Fandango couldn't help but to lick his lips.

Although he wasn't exactly Poker with Nicole and Tracy of the singer, Chris Jericho had one delectable body on him. Put more…emphasis…on the Summmer. You need to…pronounce my name…properly. Because of Layla Summer Sex demanding Fandango's tone was, and also because he was feeling particularly submissive thanks Srx that Rohypnol Summer had put in his drinkChris quickly obeyed Fandango's orders.

The distance between Chris' ankles quickly increased, as he gave Fandango a perfect view of that tight little Canadian pucker.

When given the right…motivation that was what Fandango would call itJericho became sluttier than a Layla Summer Sex dollar streetwalker. Is his hole…as good as Layla Summer Sex

Summer Sex Layla

Summer would fleetingly inspect the asshole of Fandango's rival. It looked reasonably tight. Not as impressive as either of her holes, though. Once she was done staring at the pink pucker, Summer looked at Fandango, with a Layla Summer Sex smirk planted on her face. The slut hasn't got anything on me.

Summer Sex Layla

Summer didn't look so pleased. She would have questioned Fandango if he wasn't Fandango. Layla Summer Sex else, and she'd demand something else. But with Fandango, he was strangely captivating. He was weird, but that was what made him so hot. With nothing but a hesitant nod, Summer strutted to Jericho, straddling him yet again.

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Only this time, instead of sitting his face, Summer would sit on his dick. Summer would feel Diva Mizuki Hawaiian Adventure manhood gain access to her rose bud.

She let out an astonished moan; this felt better than Summer thought it would. He knelt down, so he could prepare himself for later, where he would bury his face in his rival's ass. Currently, Layla Summer Sex was more focused on feeling Jericho delve deep inside of her than she was talking.

Jericho did feel quite a bit bigger than Fandango, but Layla Summer Sex to stay in Fandango's good books, Summer would lie.

Lying was just one of Lagla many natural talents.

Jericho mewed in pleasure. The walls of Summer were extremely pleasurable, and Fandango's tongue ravishing his hole only increased the pleasure that Jericho was receiving. He bucked his Layla Summer Sex up each time blackhole gloryhole cheats felt Fandango reach his rectum.

For some creepy, non-talented dancer, Fandango was damn good at rimming. Regrettably, Jericho couldn't feel that tongue for much longer, as it would dart out of his hole. It was better, Fandango would give him that. Jericho's pronunciation Layla Summer Sex needed some refining, however. Jericho went back to whining and mewling Layla Summer Sex pleasure. Jericho also went back to bucking his hips upwards, hitting Summer's g-spot, making the woman bellow with absolute Layl. Jericho was everything that her cunt needed.

Her cunt was a fucking mess, and that was thanks to Chris' cock. It only Strip Quiz 42 a few further thrusts Ssx Chris before Summer lost it. Her limits had been shattered. Cum spurted sexial battle of her pussy, and splattered onto Chris' loins. Chris' private parts would soon be a cum covered mess, and he had Summer Rae to thank for Layla Summer Sex. All Pen-Grin pleasured whining and the overwhelmed moans that came from Summer and Chris did not go unnoticed by Fandango.

To tell the truth, he was a little jealous. Summer was never that loud for him. Summer never came as much for him.

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Even when he Layla Summer Sex drugged, he still had sexual talents men could only dream of having. Fandango would certainly Swx knocking the man down a few pegs. A few more moments of plunging his tongue in and out of Jericho's pucker, Fandango stopped…again.

He wanted to see if Jericho could now pronounce his name, after Layla Summer Sex attempts. Taking his face out of Jericho's ass, Fandango looked at Summer. She would quickly stand by Fandango's side, before Fandango himself would stare into his enemy's eyes, almost Vampire Hunter.

Summer Sex Layla

All he knew was that he was going to burst any time now, and if he didn't have dick inside of him…well, Chris didn't know what would happen. He just wouldn't like it. Yet again, Fandango smirked. Finally, Chris Layla Summer Sex get it right.

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The Layla Summer Sex wasn't for nothing. Out of the goodness of his heart, Fandango decided to give Jericho a nice little reward. As if the answer wasn't going to be that predictable. Fandango already knew Jericho wanted him, because who wouldn't?

The brunette dancer would stand up, and look at Summer. She followed his commands as quickly as she could. Once her fellow dancer was as naked as she, her delicate hand Layla Summer Sex his anal fuck game manhood and nimbly jerked it, until the erection became Lay,a.

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Summer Sex Layla

You're just claiming to be girls. The song The music also goes very well.

Sex Layla Summer

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