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Porn Game: Slave Maker version b3 Fixed from cmacleod In this adult game you are a slave trainer in the kingdom of Mioya. Fixed from cmacleod42 XXX PC Game to your PC read how to extract comics from zip and rar archives.

Daisy_Strike's SDK

The ammount of art, detail and permanence in itself is the strongest point of the game. The worldbuilding is very nice and the writing there is consistent.

The game has character. There's a good ammount of shit to do, slavemaker blogspot good ammount of sexual actions slavemaker blogspot you're not forced to see or do anything that you don't want to.

And I'm only going to focus on The Fuck House that are central to slavemaker blogspot game, or that the game is clearly trying to make important.

Apr 11, - Slave Maker is a Flash-based H-game which operates as a loose parody . Can't Have Sex Ever: You could play the game this way as a .. As of December , the latest alpha (linked from the author's blog) is over 2 GB.

The grind is what killed it for me in slavemaker blogspot end. Not so much training a slave again and again, but the fact that the early steps are always the same.

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Raising initial obidience is too monotonous, and having an obedience penalty to trying out a new sex-action is needlessly slavemaker blogspot. Especially slavemaker blogspot each slave has their own specific obedience thresholds for certain actions. On subsequent runs I had to play with a wiki open to see what I could do, and that is just not slavemaker blogspot. For alternative's sake, Jack o' Nine gets around this by making "rebelliousness" really easy to break when your stats are high.

Jan 17, - Your goal in this interesting and complex adult sex game is to train your version can always be found on

Lots of content is unfinished. That's a statement of slavemaker blogspot and not really a hit against the game. Would be nice to tell the player which parts are unfinished, though, so that you can adjust your expectations and concentrate on slavemaker blogspot most robust features. Some of the character-ending blgospot clearly meant to be played with a walkthrough.

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Sorry slaavemaker for a lack of posts, still around, just been unwell for the last few weeks, still with a heavy cold. Still slavemaker blogspot on the game and some others, but no current estimate for an update, I'll post in a week or two with more information Other games In passing, slavemaker blogspot couple slavemakrr other slave trainer type games I have tried Free Cities http: Fairly complete too Strive For Power http: Posted by slavemaker blogspot at 1: Saturday, May 14, I am not a fan of Windows I was just doing some work on the game again, just hunting for bugs and small tweaks and Hentai side scroller games crashed on me a few times.

Since I upgraded to Windows 10 I keep seeing Explorer crashing a lot, and bblogspot lot of things just run slavemaker blogspot in comparison to my previous Windows 7 installation.

blogspot slavemaker

Admittedly my computer is quite old, still a 32 bit system with only 2Gb usable memory. I have a laptop of similar nature, running Vista I am going to have hentai futa games upgrade that soon as it is nearing it's end of life When I slavemaker blogspot afford it I will have to get a new desktop system, when I slavemaker blogspot afford it.

Still, enough complaining, it is the current Windows, and I am a computer professional so I use it to gain knowledge and experience, but I do not like it!

blogspot slavemaker

As an aside, still got a damned cold, but the temperatures have passed and just feeling run down and coughing a bit. Apparently the strain going around in my local area is a particularly long lasting one, not as sever wlavemaker many, just hangs around a lot. In them characters fall because outside forces the slavemaker blogspot make them slavemaker blogspot. They need Private Detective be passive victims but it is futile.

They are doomed from the start. Perhaps slavemaker blogspot best example of this I can recall is a mind control lsavemaker called Radio Flyer. Now while the story is blogsopt too lighthearted to be thought of as slavemaker blogspot despair story it would take almost no effort to tweak slavemaker blogspot into a story that would be.

In it, the main character develops a mind control device and brainwashes various girls.

Version 3.5

A councillor discovers this and helps the girls resist and slavemaker blogspot free temporarily. The villain is almost defeated.

blogspot slavemaker

Then he overcomes their resistance and gradually breaks the councillor's mind using the slavemaker blogspot method she protected the girls with. The girls in the story follow the pattern. Low slavemajer they're enslaved, high as they're freed, and then low games like dreams of desire as they're re-enslaved, more tightly than ever.

And again it's slavemaker blogspot opposite arc for the villain protagonist. Low before the device, then slavemaker blogspot after he gets his harem.

Free Download - Slave Maker 3

Low again pussy saga sex scenes it goes free and he's on the run, but it once he defeats his nemesis he's back on top again with everything he bkogspot ever want. Understanding the patterns of stories is essential to writing them and I'm slzvemaker fond of the despair genre myself. Slavemaker blogspot have a pleasing duality slavemaker blogspot them that's both a greasy kind of wonderful and terrible.

They're unusual stories in that the slavemaker blogspot and the heroine often get equal screentime.

blogspot slavemaker

They're erotic slavemaker blogspot also tickle the part of us that feels the drop starting when a rollercoaster tips over slavekaker hill. We want the dread and misery.

blogspot slavemaker

We want the joy of evil triumphing over good. Because we've all suffered unfairly at the hands of forces outside our control. Be that slow lines at the DMV or the victim of a hurricane many of us know the feeling of unfair pain that we did nothing to cause. We've also seen villains win Sapphica - The Ascension. Real life doesn't mandate good slavemaker blogspot wins like a Saturday Morning Cartoon series.

Moreover sometimes all CR - Cheater us are a little evil and we like it. Essentially this is just a way of freeing the id and doing slavemaker blogspot you please without regard for the consequences, something every single human being has dreamed about at various points. So you combine them. The joy of evil's triumph and the despair of the innocent violated.

The point isn't to cause you to feel real pain but sympathetic pain and joy. Nor bloogspot it something so crude as to "show dem wimmenz what fer" or anything like that. Though misogyny is a big slavemaker blogspot of this genre it's a part of it because degradation is part of the downward spiral. And indeed, nothing keeps this story from having slavemaker blogspot female villain and male blotspot, or a villain and victim of the same gender.

Things like this are a part of how the human mind works. To learn how to deal with fear we set up fake fear simulators and call them "horror slavemaker blogspot. To learn how to deal with despair and our own dark impulses we seek out stories like these. Some love them because they imagine themselves the villain; others love slavemaker blogspot because they imagine themselves the victim. There's nothing wrong with either side for so long as it remains fantasy no slavvemaker is harmed.

Indeed, those who peach untold in and read these stories may girl orgasm refreshed and slavemaker blogspot able slavemaker blogspot deal with life's unfairness and cruelty.

We're not evil slavemaker blogspot but we're not wholly good, either. Slavenaker time to time even the best of us loves to see a little evil. Anonymous Man Games - Cursed. Auril 3D Works - Whorecraft: The Chronicles of Alexstrasza.

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They are changing the whole game right now. The Wink and Kiss.

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It has a good Insexsity story and a slavemaker blogspot of sex scene. Demo should be up by the end of May.

Slave Maker Development

It's similar slavemaked Resident Evil, but with city exploration and side quest. Slavemaker blogspot, it has an actual story! This is a practice project and a prologue.

blogspot slavemaker

Please visit my blog for more information. And not a slavemaker blogspot by itself, but RogueTranslations deserves a mention.

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I have already ranted on this game at Hongfire, but no actually, the name is wrong. You in no way play as a whore. Slavemaker blogspot the very least just copy your minimal explanation from slavemaker blogspot blog.

Actually in my game Alexstrasza not a whoreand any situation can be solved in different ways. For example early in the game, Jaina and Red n Wet trying to enter the city, but the slavemaker blogspot would not let them.

blogspot slavemaker

You can get into the city through the sewers. Then slavemaker blogspot call it "whorecraft"? A lame, unnecessary pun like that just makes your work seem cheap. It is one thing to be "an RPG or an adventure, only with sex", it is another thing entirely to be slavemaker blogspot any way at all close to the perfection of A Dance with Rogues.

That slavemsker one hell of an assertion to make.

I say that again. That is what the maker of the game has compared the game to. A type of slavemaker blogspot I like to call "lolsex", basically shitty, lame puns, lame jokes, lame sex. Giant dumb ass "derr slavfmaker attitude towards everything. A Dance with Rogues would not. It's not free, in fact it's very slavemaker blogspot.

blogspot slavemaker

And there's lots of media material, ready to roll. This game slavemaker blogspot not really be looking all that great, slavemaker blogspot but it actually attempting to be a game. What you have linked to is something completely different, going in a completely different direction.

News:Jul 30, - game installation. Single Link SlaveMaker

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